King Kong vs. GodzillaKing Kong vs. GodzillaKing Kong vs. Godzilla
King Kong vs. Godzilla

King Kong vs. Godzilla (1963)

Eric Carter of United Nation News is joined by Dr. Arnold Johnson as a prehistoric monster emerges from hibernation while a pharmaceutical company seeks publicity with their own monster.

Directors: Ishiro Honda

Cast: Michael Keith, James Yagi, Tadao Takashima, Mie Hama, and Yu Fujiki

Release Date: June 3, 1963

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  • josthna
    josthnaover 2 years22 popcorn
    Super movie 😍 😍
    • feenie123
      feenie123over 2 years55 popcorn
      I can not believe that they were not enemies this hole time!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • moviereviewerabout 5 years
        • jimmytheyt
          jimmytheytover 5 years55 popcorn
          Its good
          • popvinylking
            popvinylkingover 6 years
            looks good like me
            • popvinylkingover 6 years
              looks good
              • Vlacasover 6 years
                That was so intence I need to see it.
                • daboss91
                  daboss91over 6 years
                  love this movie
                  • skrrttt
                    skrrtttover 6 years33 popcornFeatured
                    For the 60's this would be one of the best movies of al time! but considering it is in the 21st century and, we have all this technology the movie has the worst graphics ever. My grandma always told me it was the evolution of movies but, she has to understand times have changed and now, we have all these visual effects where we can make a realistic explosion or, we could make a building fall down. Definitely shaped the world to what it is now.
                    • ethani
                      ethanialmost 7 years
                      The Eighth Wonder of the World battles the King of the Monsters in this creature crossover and don't get me started about the double ending rumor

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