Lala-oopsies: A Sew Magical Tale

Lala-oopsies: A Sew Magical Tale (2012)

Rated G 45 min -
From the creators of Lalaloopsy comes a Sew Magical Tale! Now, for the very first time, journey beyond the rolling green hills of Lalaloopsy Land to a magical place never seen before where you'll meet the Lala-Oopsies! On islands that float on strawberry milk rivers, surrounded by tall mushroom trees, live the whimsical Lala-Oopsies princess ballerinas, fairies and mermaids. Join them as they embark on a fantastical journey to save their precious homes when the strawberry milk, which powers Lala-Oopsies Land, suddenly stops flowing.

Directors: Cynthia Petrovic

Cast: Jordan Andersen, Gabrielle Ann Davis, Emma Duke, Greer Hunt, and Cascadas Lucia Fuller

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